Are Cookbooks Dead?

When I was younger, my mother would ask for only one thing for any holiday or birthday, a cookbook of some kind. She was always so easy to buy for, just go to the local book store and pick up the latest “In” cookbook and call it a day. Well I feel the times they are a changing. She has moved on from Cookbooks to keeping her own Pinterest account updated with all the recipes she wants. The stacks and stacks of cookbooks she has collected over the years have taken the backseat to the new digital age.

Digital Cooking Options

Now a day’s people are not reaching for the cookbook to find their next great recipe, they are reaching for their tablet.  There are so many options out there for cooking apps that it just has taken recipe collections to another level. For example a very popular app for Apple is My Recipe Book . This popular app is only $.99 and has many features such as synching recipes to your shopping list, import recipes from other sources, sharing recipes and conversion tools. These quick and easy tools are taken the place of the heavy books. People want convenience when it comes to cooking now. They want to be able to get what they want with just a touch of a button.

Social Media and Cooking

Social Media has also got into the game when I comes to recipes. SM has stepped up to the game and has started many resources for the Foodies out there. Many people are take advantage of sites like Pinterest to post great recipes and follow other Foodies. Pinterest allow people to connect on a food level and at the same times utilize SM to help master their culinary skills. There are also many SM site for learning how to cook like Rouxbe. Rouxbe is an online cooking school that have great online cooking videos and recipe library and a large library of how to videos for you to see.

What Are Your favorite Recipes From Social Media?

I have many “go to” recipes that I have got from SM sites, See some below!


Croque Monsieur


 Black Bean Salad with Corn


 Blueberry Vodka Lemonade

What are your favorite?

3 thoughts on “Are Cookbooks Dead?

  1. Let me start off by saying what a GREAT recipe, blueberry vodka lemonade, sounds great… A valid point that books are taking a back stage as everyone turns digital – is cheaper as well. I prefer digital myself I find it easier on the eyes and nicer to navigate, not to mention smaller. I’m sure Egyptians were upset when the papyrus when away as well, but evolution is a wonderful thing. keep on cooking in the end, it’s not the book but the knowledge it contains that’s important!

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  2. Great post! I can’t remember the last time I opened a cook book to search for a recipe…With so many blogs, websites, videos and SM mediums offering recipes it seems that the large cookbooks are on their way out similarly to encyclopedias. The best thing about the amount of recipes available on the internet is the fact that you have access to different versions. Therefore you might make a traditional meatloaf one day but then a Masala Meatloaf the next…

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  3. Noel, great post! Social media is a great tool to utilize to inspire others, and in turn, to become inspired, whether it’s for cooking or for arts. Many professional cooks, along with inspired individuals who just want to share their delicious creations, take to social media and user-generated content platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.
    My family members are 100% vegetarian and we cook mostly Indian food. In the past, my mother used to learn new recipes from the various cookbooks that she has, but now, with so many digital options available for us, we no longer use them. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy cooking before, but now, I look forward to cooking new meals with my mother. Looking digitally is faster, more convenient, and it opens more opportunities to check out other recipes. One of our current favorite foods to cook now is spicy Indian pizza with loads of vegetables. We’ve ordered pizza multiple times from different restaurants, however, the one concern that my parents have is that it is loaded with cheese even if you request them to go light on it. Then, I decided to check online and see if we could experiment with making our own pizza’s the way we wanted to, and with no cheese. We were inspired by cooks on a few YouTube videos, and since then, we’ve been able to try different bases, vegetables, and spices.

    I’d like to share one of my favorite YouTube channels for anyone who loves Indian food or just want to try out some recipes.
    Tarla Dalal ( – she was a very popular chef in India who always shared unique recipes. Infact, she wrote many cookbooks, hosted TV shows, and also became a leader in using online portals to share and connect with her audiences. Although she is no more, her legacy lives on today with her team sharing numerous recipes every week. You’ll find videos on how to make a variety of smoothies, salads, pastas, soups, appetizers, and popular Indian dishes with the special Tarla Dalal brand.

    On the same note, we are making spicy Indian pizza again tonight all thanks to YouTube! It’s only afternoon, but I am already excited for dinner. Thanks for sharing those recipes too, the salad surely looks tasty!

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